Smith's Transmission Repair

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Transmission Evaluation

  Our Free Transmission Evaluation process

Call pat or Mike Smith @ 706-795-0017


  •  Interview customer to determine complaint   

  •  Road test vehicle to verify complaint  

  • Check fluid level and condition and inspect for leaks. Road test again if significantly low of fluid.

  • Scan for diagnostic trouble codes, document, clear and retest drive while monitoring related data.  

  • Use the information from the proceeding tests and findings to make a repair suggestion or more in-depth diagnostic needs such as running diagnostic flow charts to determine reason for fault codes.  

  • We try to encourage that you be prepared to leave your vehicle with us. We will always perform the evaluation while you wait and would prefer that you remain present during this time as the most important step is to verify the compliant. However as a rule with some exceptions, some type of repair will be necessary and this will require that you leave your car or truck with us. Most all the parts we use have to be ordered in. We deal with local dealers and get a lot of parts delivered to us the same day and the following day on UPS from transmission specialty wholesalers from all over the United States.